How Sentient’s AI Revolutionizes The Ecommerce Industry

Artificial intelligence is a fundamental detail in setting up an online store. The ecommerce giant Amazon, earns at least a third of all its revenue from using AI’s recommendation features. A smart AI with intricate settings will attract and retain customers by noticing their specific preferences. These analytics result in pop up questions asking site visitors to check out the indicated items.

An accurate way of capturing the visitors’ attention is by changing the suggestions according to the moment’s data. These data includes the user’s current weather conditions or a recent search n their device such as a holiday or lunch. The ever-changing e-Commerce personalization keeps up with the unpredictability of life, hence the AI becomes a close imitation of human interaction.

Artificial intelligence has progressed to allow customers to have a full five sense engaging shopping experience. One example is the voice communication features such as Alexa on Amazon. Users are able to customize the voice’s tone to order the site to search or bill items. Analysts predict that the voice integration is set to take over common household items such as TVs and the kitchen area.

One technological trait about AI that buffles people is the sight of something they were randomly searching on their social media news feed. AI developers use device agnostic shopping to collect a report on a user’s online habit. These data gathers pointers for recommendations on to the users’ most preferred products.

Many online shops understand the importance of using e-commerce personalization to drive up their sales. Sunglass Hut eases its customers’ shopping experiences by suggesting similar items in store according to the graphical demographics. The window displays the next best thing in store, allowing the customer to have a wide array of selection for their preferred items.

Shazam changed how music lovers enjoy music by outputting a search resut using only an audio inut using the app. Cloudsight operates on a similar principle, by returning search results when a user captures their desired object by camera using the app. Chatbot adds to the real time interaction with the shop, due to the available online portal that offers full time communication with the shop’s attendants. Pinterest is a popular art with a longtime relationship to AI. Unlike its previous versions, the 2015 app allows users to find similar items by zooming in on one of the objects, and not looking through a list of related searches. Artificial intelligence is a speedy and easy internet integration that has revolution the internet experience.


To Grow Longer Healthy Hair, You Need To Use Healthy Hair Care By WEN

Have you noticed how some women’s hair seems to grow rapidly? On average, beauty science shows us that hair grows about one half inch per month. If you’re playing around with too many chemical processes and chemically-laden hair care products, then your mane might be at a deficit. Frequent use of harsh detergents can actually weaken hair, strip it of its natural oils and snap it off. Plus, using heat styling tools like curling wands and flat irons can actually fry your strands.

How you nourish and protect your locks play a key role in how quickly your hair will grow. LA celebrity stylist Chaz Dean understands hair and its structural components very well. That’s why he took his time to carefully develop the WEN by Chaz no lather shampoo system. This is a wonderful hair care line that includes the purity of nature through fruit and botanical extracts. These formulas are powerful, yet gentle and deliver radiance, strength and fullness to hair of any type and texture.

Maintaining regular hair trims at the salon are also essential to encourage hair growth and get rid of damaged, split ends.

As your tresses stay on the road to getting healthy, WEN by Chaz features a wonderful variety of products for cleansing, styling and nourishment. You will be able to blow-dry and use your favorite styling tools, because WEN offers wonderful protectors like their Sweet Almond Mint Nourishing Mousse. You get hold, shine and zero frizz, and when you turn on the heat, your hair will achieve body and volume. This mousse is one of a kind with botanically-based ingredients and no parabens to worry about.

To encourage faster growing hair, always use WEN by Chaz’s unique cleansing conditioners that thoroughly wash away product build-up and bathe every strand in healthy moisture.

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George Soros Cuts Investment In Stocks And Banks On Gold

During the last quarter, George Soros had braced for tough times by making bets against equities, checking on his investments regularly and banking on gold. Government records showed that Soros Fund Management registered a drop of 37% to $3.5 billion by the end of March. As at March 31, the fund was owned bearish options contracts of the SPDR 500 ETF Trust amounting to 2.1 million shares. The ETF Trust tracks Standards $ Poor’s (S&P) 500 Index.

George Soros purchased bullish options in the SPDR Gold Trust worth 1.05 million shares. The Gold Trust follows bullion prices. It is imperative to note that the Fund had taken a stake valued at $264 million in Barrick Gold Corporation towards the end of March. The stake saw Soros own 1.7% of Barrick Corporation. This shareholding on became Soros fund Management’s largest listed holding in the U.S. Soros built his $ 24 billion fund through prudent market wagers.

In the recent past, George Soros issued warning over risks from China. He argued that the Chinese economy is fueled by debt. Soros went on to assert that the present conditions in China are similar to the problems experienced before the 2007/2008 financial crisis. According to Soros, hard landing in China would be practically unavoidable. This situation would enhance global deflationary pressures, thus causing stocks to decline and improve U.S. issued government bonds.

Stan Druckenmiller, former Soros’s chief strategist, is similarly bullish on gold. The billionaire investor asserted that he has much trust on the gold over the negative interest rates advanced by the central bankers. Bloomberg generic pricing indicated that gold registered a sharp rise of 16% in three consecutive months. This was the highest quarterly increase since 1986. The Toronto-based firm, Barrick, has more than doubled its share prices. The mining firm has been cutting costs and reducing its debt.

About George Soros

George was born in Hungary in 1930. He fled the country and settled in New York. George Soros is a renowned philanthropist. The billionaire attended the London School of Economics. He formed his own hedge fund, which he called Soros Fund. Later, he renamed it to Quantum Fund before settling for Quantum Fund Endowment. As he amassed more wealth, Soros was able to speak about the evils happening in the society through the Open Society Foundation.

George is also an accomplished author. His books offer insights on investment and business, economics, politics, philanthropy, open societies and globalization. To date, George has written and published fourteen books, which are The Tragedy of European Union, Financial Turmoil in Europe and the United States: Essays, The Soros Lectures at the Central European University as well as The Crash of 2008 and What it Means. The others are the Age of Fallibility. George Soros on Globalization, open society, The Bubble of American Supremacy, Opening the Soviet System, The Alchemy of Finance and Underwriting Democracy among many others books. This information was originally published on George Soros’s website as highlighted in the following link

Solo Capital and Sanjay Shah Hope to Raise Autism Awareness


Sanjay Shah is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Solo Capital LTD. Sanjay grew up in an affluent section of London. He attended King’s College where he began his studies in medicine. Sanjay soon realized a career in medicine was not for him, and switched his focus to accounting. Upon his graduation, Sanjay began his career with Merrill Lynch, ING and other widely known, reputable brokerage houses. After the financial down fall in 2009 Sanjay Shah took a chance and opened his own financial investment firm, Solo Capital. Within a few years he had built Solo Capital into a multi-millions dollar business, which owned 36 companies in countries such as the United Kingdom, Kenya, Denmark, Malta, the British Virginia islands and the Cayman islands to name a few.

Since his retirement from the financial world he has focused his time and money on a cause that is near and dear to his heart. When Sanjay Shah’s youngest son was Nikhil diagnosed with Autism, he quickly realized there was not much information about Autism Spectrum Disorders so he embarked on a new venture, Autism Rocks Foundation. The aim of Autism Rocks is to provide funding for low income families to get their children the help they need as well as funding new research and developwments in autism spectrum disorders.

Sanjay Shah relocated his family to Dubai, where they sought specialized treatment at the Dubai Autism Center. When he saw the center did not have enough transportation for its patients, Sanjay donated a few minibuses to assist them. Wanting to do more Sanjay returnd to his concert promotion roots and began planning a way to raise money and awareness. His first concert entitled Autism Rocks was headlined by Prince, who quickly came onboard to promote autism awareness. The first concert was a private invitation only event that Shah invited only his wealthiest friends. Since the initial concert he has had headliners such as Joss Stone, Drake, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Buble and Snoop Dog. Since then he has also bookd world renowned DJ’s to play the event. The proceeds from these concert events have been donated to the Cambridge Autism Research Center. Since Autism Rocks contiued success, Sanjay Shah has turned his focus to assisting Autism Research in Dubai where he has helped fund a jazz festival, which he hopes to make a yearly event. He has also attracted the notice of Sheikh Hamdan, who Sanjay is hoping will become one of his global spokesmen.


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A Skout for the Most Used Apps

Through the analyzing of over one trillion in-app ad requests, Drawbridge was able to crunch some numbers about the apps that were used most often in the last quarter of 2015. The numbers that were brought back offered interesting rankings. For example, Tango, a messaging app, was the iOS app used by the most users and the most frequently back in October.

The numbers that Drawbridge found change every quarter, with some apps seeing either an increase or a decline the following quarter. Skout, for instance, was an app that was ranked number 10 on the list which was determined by in-app ad requests. Skout is a dating and social networking app that is promoted as being location-based. It’s designed to allow users to meet up with people more easily.

While Skout ranked in at number 13 in October of 2015, Drawbridge already predicts that Skout and other social networking and dating apps like it to grow during the next quarter. In fact, just from October to December of 2015, Skout ranked up to 11th place. Over the course of the first quarter in 2016, apps like Skout and MeetMe are going to see an increase in users. With how popular dating apps get around this time of year, it’s no surprise that it coincides with the fact that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.

Skout ranked in at number eleven in the last month of 2015, but there were ten others ahead of it that were simply used more often (as determined by in-app ad requests). The app that ranked in at number ten was My Alarm Clock, followed by 4Shared at number nine. Seven and eight were Grindr and Tango, respectively. Manage Rock was number six while the more famous Words With Friends ranked in just above it at number five.

Then, from four to one, the top apps as determined by in-app ad requests were Mackolik Canli Sonuclar, Super-Bright LED Flashlight, CM Security Antivirus AppLock, and finally, coming in consecutively first for each of the three months in the last quarter of 2015, the most used app is Clean Master. Both Clean Master Boost and the AppLock are incredibly popular. They continue to remain at the top of the most used ranking statistics.

There are many different apps that are used frequently. From social networking apps to apps that give your phone a flashlight, in 2016, there’s an app for just about everything. It’s always interesting to watch as certain apps climb up in the ranks, especially when you know it’s a good app. Skout and countless other social apps continue to impress their users an maintain their numbers.

Queens of Drama, Queens of Television

Queens of Drama, a new, hit, scripted, reality television show, follows a group of famous, middle-aged, starlets in a post-soap opera career lull as they try to write, direct, produce, and star in a steamy, new television series. The show debuted in spring of 2015 and was quickly renewed for a second season. The show dives into the struggles of the women as they try to get their new show picked up by a network. It follows the women in front and behind the camera, capturing glimpses of their often humorous and glamorous lives and the sisterhood that they form over the course of the season. The show offers seven (and most recently an eighth) strong and sultry female leads that are exactly what the series’ title promises: Queens of Drama.

One of those powerful, famous, lady leads is blonde bombshell and seasoned actress, Crystal Hunt. She is most famous for the roles she played as Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding Light and Stacy Morasco on One Life to Live. More recently, she starred in popular movies Sydney White and Magic Mike, alongside Hollywood hot-shot stars like Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum. She was even nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series.

In her role in Queens of Drama, Crystal plays a rather passive character and seems to enjoy a good relationship with the rest of her Soap sisters, although parts of the first season do show her having some blunt words with fellow Queen of Drama, Lindsay. Crystal Hunt who recently celebrated a birthday, is a down-to-earth women, with her roots planted in her small, hometown and it shows through when in comparison to the other, often wildly over-dramatic, women on the show. She is one of the more relatable stars on Queens of Drama, due in part to her young age and Crystal Hunt’s Instagram following. Hopes are high to draw attention back to prime-time soaps and to open up the median age of general audiences that find interest in soap operas. Crystal Hunt could be a very useful tool in attracting younger viewers to the Network, especially since she has been in so many movies that are popular with Millennials.

Queens of Drama is already taking off as one of the more popular, new, daytime television shows of 2015 and has a promising start for the new year with the premier of their second season. Crystal Hunt has amazing chemistry with her fellow soap stars and her charming personality offers great balance with the other stars of the show. Viewers are hoping to see the women’s relationships blossom in upcoming seasons and every episode that airs offers the promise of plenty of drama to come.  Check out Crystal Hunt’s acting reel on Vimeo for more about the actress’ history.