Solo Capital and Sanjay Shah Hope to Raise Autism Awareness


Sanjay Shah is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Solo Capital LTD. Sanjay grew up in an affluent section of London. He attended King’s College where he began his studies in medicine. Sanjay soon realized a career in medicine was not for him, and switched his focus to accounting. Upon his graduation, Sanjay began his career with Merrill Lynch, ING and other widely known, reputable brokerage houses. After the financial down fall in 2009 Sanjay Shah took a chance and opened his own financial investment firm, Solo Capital. Within a few years he had built Solo Capital into a multi-millions dollar business, which owned 36 companies in countries such as the United Kingdom, Kenya, Denmark, Malta, the British Virginia islands and the Cayman islands to name a few.

Since his retirement from the financial world he has focused his time and money on a cause that is near and dear to his heart. When Sanjay Shah’s youngest son was Nikhil diagnosed with Autism, he quickly realized there was not much information about Autism Spectrum Disorders so he embarked on a new venture, Autism Rocks Foundation. The aim of Autism Rocks is to provide funding for low income families to get their children the help they need as well as funding new research and developwments in autism spectrum disorders.

Sanjay Shah relocated his family to Dubai, where they sought specialized treatment at the Dubai Autism Center. When he saw the center did not have enough transportation for its patients, Sanjay donated a few minibuses to assist them. Wanting to do more Sanjay returnd to his concert promotion roots and began planning a way to raise money and awareness. His first concert entitled Autism Rocks was headlined by Prince, who quickly came onboard to promote autism awareness. The first concert was a private invitation only event that Shah invited only his wealthiest friends. Since the initial concert he has had headliners such as Joss Stone, Drake, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Buble and Snoop Dog. Since then he has also bookd world renowned DJ’s to play the event. The proceeds from these concert events have been donated to the Cambridge Autism Research Center. Since Autism Rocks contiued success, Sanjay Shah has turned his focus to assisting Autism Research in Dubai where he has helped fund a jazz festival, which he hopes to make a yearly event. He has also attracted the notice of Sheikh Hamdan, who Sanjay is hoping will become one of his global spokesmen.


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