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This article will focus on how children cope with this phenomenon. Children who live in these settings use some or all the coping mechanisms I describe below. Children are faced with a barrage of words, events and thoughts that they are not prepared to deal with in any healthy way. They want to please each parent, but find it impossible to do so for any extended period of time, so they settle for short-term expediency.

In other words, they learn to tell the adults what they think the parents want to hear. Those statements may differ entirely from what the child believes, but in order to avoid extended conflict, the child goes out of her way to avoid it. Children are trained erroneously through this process that all conflict is a must to avoid. The danger in this mindset is that the kids come to believe that the only good relationship is one that is conflict free-which is impossible unless you learn to ignore or avoid the conflicts when they arise.

The children in telling parents what they think the adults want to hear develop the ability to lie quickly and convincingly. They have learned that fabricating what is going on in the other parents house or purposely not telling dad he saw an R rated movie with mom because he knows it will get mom into trouble are a couple examples of this tactic.

They learn to strategize as a way to get their needs met. For instance a child is aware that his mother does not want him to take any martial arts classes because she fears they will cause him to be violent. The child knows that the mom is worried that dad will try to enroll him in violent activities. The child then convinces dad to enroll him in a class that teaches how to be safe without using violence.

Parents who are in the middle of a high conflict divorce are poor communicators at best. When they do talk, their discussion tends to be nasty and filled with disdain. This lack of connection between the parents teaches the children that adults cannot successfully talk to each other and make plans for the kids. Therefore the children feel that they have to take this planning for their activities into their own hands. For example, the girl who wants to be in the community play will inform both his parents that they need to attend a special meeting in order for her to try out for the play.

In normal situations, the parents make all these preparations for the kids, but in high conflict situations, some kids somehow find a way to get their extra-curricular needs met. These children also tend to have impaired relationships with peers. The poor role modeling demonstrated by their parents leads these kids to have no idea what it means to have real friendships.

Their expectations of friends can become quite distorted. These children tend to have no sense that true relationships are based on kindness, cooperation, sharing and compromising. You will see some of these children at recess time playing all alone or staring endlessly at a computer screen because they lack the outreach skills and confidence that their peers will like them. Others are so desperate to feel accepted that they will say or do anything to be part of the popular group.

Other children may become possessive of their friends and feel jealous and threatened if their friend pays attention to other kids. Some children from high conflict divorces want to bring attention to how horrible they feel, but like most kids lack the skills and the ability to truly stand up for themselves. So they may bring attention to their situation by getting poor grades, using drugs, becoming defiant, withdrawing from the world, acting out in class and stop doing activities that normally bring them pleasure.

Then there are the kids that strive for perfection in an effort to be loved and approved by their parents. These children also believe if they are perfect, they can somehow be above the fray of the warring adults. They tend to be very hard on themselves and are rarely compassionate towards themselves or others. The skills of organizing, strategizing and overall planning are superb attributes for kids to have, but in this situation these skills are being used to manipulate adults like chess pieces on a board.

They then learn to use these skills in other inappropriate ways with other adults and peers. These kids often present as being mature, but in truth they are emotionally and often socially immature. They are frequently more emotionally needy then they come across and they are behind their peers developmentally. They have spent a large portion of the lives learning how to please others without really learning how to master fulfilling themselves.

Some children align themselves with one parent and this leads to being in opposition to the other parent. These children get subtle and overt rewards from the parent they are aligning with. This occurs because the child is fearful of losing the aligned parents support if he shows any connection with the other parent. It is difficult in these cases to really know how the child actually feels about anything. Do you understand that children are naturally hard wired to try to get what they want and if they can manipulate two warring parents into getting their wishes fulfilled, they will do so?

This is not a character flaw on their part. This is happening due to your lack of communication with the other parent. Be honest what it will take to co-parent peacefully with your ex and try to keep your ego aside and think about what is best for your kids. Adults who are in litigation cannot possibly co-parent. There is a complete lack of trust and trust is essential in successful co-parenting. Let this be as open as possible because it will lower the anxiety level of your child.

He will feel that you have ignored his feelings and are not concerned about his view point on important issues. Instead, try to talk with her calmly, stating that you feel that your relationship with her is not good and you want to repair it. Ask her to describe her feelings for you and tell her that you will not be angry at her honesty.

Children who live with the hostile divorce model have symptoms similar to children who are abused and neglected. Some professionals would say these kids are being abused and neglected. It is my feeling that this phenomena is not getting the attention it deserves. Furthermore it is tragic that only those who can afford an army of therapists can get the help they need and deserve. Biography Tweet Bob Livingstone is a psychotherapist and licensed clinical social worker with a private practice in San Francisco.

He is also a Psychology Today verified therapist. Bob is a frequent consultant with national media outlets, including radio, major television networks, newspapers, and magazines. How are they harmed and what can parents do to help them? A high conflict divorce is where marriage ends and war begins. Children are frequently unwittingly used as pawns in this high stakes, emotionally bloody demolition.

Kids find different ways to cope in a system that includes children and two parents who absolutely despise each other.

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This article will focus on how children cope with this phenomenon. Children who live in these settings use some or all the coping mechanisms I describe below.

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Images of dirty old men, strangers with sweets and trench coats dominate what we wrongly assume to pose a danger to our children. Of course, we now know that this portrayal is, at worst completely wrong, at best a statistical anomaly. The truth is, I don't know many rich therapists. More to the point, I don't know a single one who does it for the money. There aren't many jobs where you would happily live in a world where your services are no longer required. But I couldn't think of anything better. It's a strange time to be a psychotherapist and our services are more in demand than ever before. Some might say, with such unprecedented demand, we could charge what we like. Some critics undoubtedly think we already do. Donald Winnicott, one of the pre-eminent psychotherapists of the twentieth century - and in having a parenting programme on BBC radio was probably also the first "media therapist" - famously said: Often misquoted as just the first half of that statement, it conveys the idea that psychologically babies don't exist without a caregiver.






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