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So it finally happened! His mom is, his dad is not, techncally, but basically follows customs, i. Now, my Fiance is different. He even has bought me presents for my birthday, and Christmas. His logic is:

Five Don'ts For Dealing With Jehovah's Witnesses

Readers respond to that question with a variety of personal stories and reflections. For related essays, see our special project Choosing My Religion. To share the most important religious decision of your life, or remark on one of the accounts below, please drop us a note at hello theatlantic. I am overwhelmed and angered by the misinformation being supplied by your readers. Many of them are leaving out vital information. Only if you are baptized can you be disfellowshipped.

Baptism is not a requirement in the church nor is it a choice one can frivolously make. I am not baptized, but both my parents were; my mother is baptized but inactive, and my father was disfellowshipped. I was raised in the Kingdom Hall [the JW term for church building ] until I was a young teen, and then allowed to choose my own path. I have been told that the path to baptism takes around two years. They chose to make a lifelong vow and broke it, fully aware of the potential consequences.

No one forced them to be baptized; it was their own free will and choice. Again, without that choice, they would not have been in a position to be disfellowshipped in the first place. I asked the reader a few followup questions, such as the rough percentage of JW church-goers who are baptized and some key distinctions between members of different commitment levels:. I am no longer an active member of a congregation admittedly, I now only darken the door for the Memorial. I would guess if you walked into a Kingdom Hall on a Sunday morning the majority of attendees minus children will be baptized or preparing for baptism.

I think generally people who make the effort and commitment to go to church regularly are more likely to commit in other ways, such as baptism, whereas those who are not serious about baptism probably drop off and rarely attend because it is not required of them. There are three ways for baptized members to leave the church but they will forever be considered baptized: Let me interrupt real quick to illustrate the difference between disfellowshipment and disassociation, explained here by a different reader the first of two readers excerpted in our previous note in a followup email:.

We disassociated ourselves, which is a technicality of sorts, but also very different. People are disfellowshipped for moral failings. We disassociated because of their failings. Our leaving was voluntary. An inactive member is someone who does not maintain steady attendance at the Hall nor keeps up with going out in service. However, the only grounds for divorce in the church is adultery. If a divorce is obtained for any other reason, remarrying another Witness is not possible.

It was a long process—interviews with family members, opportunities given to him to repent, etc. He could try to be reinstated now, like most disfellowshipped people, probably by attending all meetings for a year, asking for Bible study, showing repentance and writing a letter to the elders to ask for consideration. I really appreciate you allowing me the opportunity to try and shed more light on this issue. I was bullied horribly in school due to my beliefs, all the way through college mostly by the administration at my state school—I was also an employee.

The amount of discrimination Witnesses face is pretty incredible sometimes; people lose their minds over others not celebrating holidays, for instance. I understand the religion has some issues—all do—but what can be expected from organizations led by imperfect men? As a child and a teenager, I was kind of in and out of church. My mom is pretty religious but my father is not. But whenever I was in church, I was very involved. I went several times a week to services or Bible studies or events , and I even taught and preached on a regular basis.

I was very religious throughout college and intended to become a full-time missionary overseas. I got engaged to a very smart, very loving, and very Christian young lady. That was 11 years ago, but I vividly remember praying in the hospital room that God would save him. I remember thinking about how James 5: And I knew that Mark And according to my beliefs at that time and the beliefs of millions of Americans , my best friend was going to go to Hell because he was not a Christian.

However, I also still believed that the truth was not contingent on what I wanted to be true. Yet there was another event that completely sealed my loss of faith. And that was about eight months after my friend died in , the major tsunami hit Indonesia and immediately wiped out like 80, people. There was no way I could any longer believe in that kind of God. So, what happened? My fiancee and I went ahead and went through with the wedding it is really hard to cancel a wedding once the invitations have all been sent out.

We argued constantly about religion for two and a half years. It hurt her knowing that the most important thing in her life, her faith, was no longer shared with me. She constantly pointed out, correctly, that I had changed—not her. So, after two-and-a-half years, we got divorced. I did initiate it. I did not become a missionary, so I had to go find a job in the real world helping make money for the man. And it took me many years before I really found out what I wanted to do. I enjoyed doing Christian work and I enjoyed teaching.

Here are two more stories from readers who parted ways with the JWs. The first one voluntary left the church after being shunned while the second one was straight-up disfellowshipped:. A recent quote from Anthony Morris , one of the seven governing body members that are responsible for the teachings, is as follows:. I have long said: The most intelligent and eloquent professors will be trying to reshape the thinking of your child, and their influence can be tremendous.

There he directly links higher education as being a danger. It is taken from his own words in video on the tv. There are numerous articles and talks that have been given regarding the dangers of education. What grievous sin did I commit? I reached out to my brother who had been disfellowshipped for 14 years or so after shunning him for the entire time. I realized that the scripture your reader quoted in 1 Corinthians 5: He is living an upright, moral life, none of the things listed in the scripture that was cherry picked to support a heartless, controlling doctrine used to keep the rank and file in order.

I apologized profusely because I realized that rather than love being kind as the scriptures stated, it had been turned into something ugly. I realized that if I greeted those who were my brother only, I was no different than anyone else like Jesus said. I realized that if God is love, maybe I should represent that and that shunning is psychological torture inflicted on another to manipulated them to coming back.

It has nothing to do with making that person return to God, and everything to do with them returning to a man-made organization. My wife and I disassociated formally from the organization that was our entire lives, the most difficult thing we ever had to do. But life is good now, and my wife and I bask in sweet freedom from an oppressive organization that holds its members captive.

We lost a lot, but we gained even more. The first time I was in my early 20s and the second time I was in my late 20s. Both times were because I had engaged in sexual activity and was not married. The first time, I was in total agreement with the decision of the elders in my congregation. Even the second time, while the circumstances surrounding that instance was quite different, I agreed in principle to the decision. But it was at that time that I decided that I was not going to make an effort to get reinstated and no longer wanted to be Witness.

My older sister disassociated herself from the organization when I was in my teens and my older brother is disfellowshipped as well. My twin sister is active in the organization and basically has nothing to do with any of her siblings. There are some that have been disciplined within the congregation for similar, if not more egregious, acts and were not disfellowshipped. In my case, I was admonished by a distant relative, when I faced this the second time, to go to the elders or he would have to.

It has been about eight years and I have barely spoken to my twin sister, or any other members of my family who are Witnesses. The crazy thing is, when I went to the elders, I was really seeking their guidance in relation to the woman I was seeing because I was, in fact, planning to marry her. It took eight weeks for them to finally meet with me and when they did, they told me there was nothing they could do because they had given me plenty of time to either get married or end the relationship.

The truth of the matter is, no loving god would ever subject his creation to rules and principles and discipline such as this. Thanks again for opening this dialogue, because there are a lot of people suffering due to imperfections and sinful tendencies and being subject to this unfair practice when there are much, much bigger things happening in the world.

My family was never particularly religious, but I was baptized, had my first communion, was confirmed, and we would attend church occasionally. Around the time when I turned 16, my dad introduced me to the Christian philosopher, theologian, and apologist William Lane Craig. It was life-changing for me. For one, I became extremely interested in the subject of philosophy and those juicy speculative questions about the existence of God, the meaning of life, morality, the laws of nature, consciousness, etc.

The second thing though, and the thing relevant to the topic, is that I became religious. Craig is well-known for debating with atheists and arguing for the existence of God using philosophical arguments, and I became convinced that those arguments were sound. Maybe I just realized the importance of religion—how, if all this is true, it is really life changing? I think, from studying philosophy, I also became convinced that it is important to have evidence or reasons for your beliefs.

Without evidence or reasons, they all seemed the same and equally implausible. However, I believed that there was evidence for God and for Jesus being God.

Do you want to be prepared when the Jehovah's Witnesses come knocking on “The end of is not the date for the beginning, but for the end of the. Here is the dilemna; my girlfriend, a JW has not agreed to marry in the church, I started dating a girl and we actually celebrated our 1 year.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Some Christian denominations allow their members to marry whomever they please, others discourage it, and others just don't allow it you are either disfellowshipped or the church refuses to perform the marriage. What position do Jehovah's Witnesses hold on interfaith marriage? If it is allowed, is the ceremony different in any way?

For example, they believe that God is one person, not a trinity.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Hi I am new here but there is this question that bothers me. It concerns the marriage between JW and another congregation.

Five Questions for the Jehovah’s Witnesses

British Broadcasting Corporation Home. The denomination was founded in the USA towards the end of the 19th century, under the leadership of Charles Taze Russell. The headquarters of the movement is in New York. There are about 6. Members of the movement are probably best known for their door-to-door evangelical work; witnessing from house to house, offering Bible literature and recruiting and converting people to the truth.

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In , I found myself inside a Catholic church for Midnight Mass. At the age of 31, an unexpected realization set in — thus beginning my personal journey to the Catholic Church, my home. Peering back into my childhood, however, I realize that my exposure to Catholicism actually began as a child. My father was in the Army so our family traveled around quite a bit. I was born in San Francisco, California, where my father was stationed in As a child, I felt a part of something much larger than myself, than the world, than my parents. I just loved meeting new people and teaching them the things that God was teaching me! Mine were no exception. Inquisitive as most at my age, I began to question many of my beliefs. So I held all these questions, along with many more concerns I had, deep inside.

Jehovah's Witnesses are followers of a specific denomination of Christianity. Believing that Armageddon is coming to separate believers from non-believers, Witnesses spend much of their time knocking on doors to preach their beliefs to others.

I have been trying to find resources on interfaith marriages especially between a catholic and JW. Here is the dilemna; my girlfriend, a JW has not agreed to marry in the church, saying her only condition will be if it is a neccessity to allow me to keep receiving communion and participate in other sacraments. I currently live in houston, TX and so will appreciate if there is a number or person or online resource that deals on this particualr subject:

(Closed) Catholic bride & Jehovah Witness groom…

Of course I have to admit that my. We married at the town hall, had three children that didn't recieve the catholic baptism. We were very open with the education of our kids and I agreed with my wife telling them stories from the bible book. On the other hand I didn't want them to attend the during the week meetings because of their school and didn't want them to have a bible study till aftr highschool and with my supervision. Now that that two of the three are grown up 26,21 and 13 years they have chosen not to be a Jw they never wanted. Our marriage was a compromise but it worked well. I organzied the birthday parties and christmas and other things. I really can say after 27 years that we have a happy marriage. The comments I recieved on the ExJw against shunning FB page were quite negative and almost everyone seems to be convinced that it is absolutely impossible a mixed marriage with a Jw, in this case with a catholic. Of course both catholic and Jw should be liberal.

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It's Saturday afternoon, and you're going about your household chores. You notice as you pass the front door that two people are coming down the street. Since you're not expecting anyone, you peer out from behind the curtains. The two individuals turn down your walkway. They're nicely dressed and wielding attaches that you will discover later are loaded with publications form the Watchtower Society, the parent organization of the Jehovah's Witnesses. If you are like most people, you feel ill-equipped to solve humanity's woes on your doorstep.

Can a marriage between a catholic and a jw work?

A life of meaningless sex, drugs and alcohol is often woven into this picture. As a result, most young Witnesses grow up sequestered in their homes and their congregations, fearful of anything outside those boundaries. If at any point you do have doubts and want to leave, your forced isolation up to that point makes the decision inevitably intimidating and potentially overwhelming because of the prospect of being alone and without a support network to guide you through the process. I was allowed to make friends with people outside my congregation. I was also lucky that both my parents encouraged me to get a good education — to work hard at school so I could go to university if I wanted. I eventually left the faith at More than that, though, it infuriated me the way my most important reason for leaving was brushed aside because it was the most irrefutable:

Dating a jehovah witness man. Since 'the quiet man' was a jehovah's witnesses. I'd lived the guardian newspaper. Jehovah's witnesses expectations of men mar 25, may-december relationships work? What does dating outside of dating service help. Shortly after refusing a christian woman for excuses to study with the biblical chronology. Please beware!

Readers respond to that question with a variety of personal stories and reflections. For related essays, see our special project Choosing My Religion. To share the most important religious decision of your life, or remark on one of the accounts below, please drop us a note at hello theatlantic. I am overwhelmed and angered by the misinformation being supplied by your readers. Many of them are leaving out vital information. Only if you are baptized can you be disfellowshipped.

Mathew Schmalz does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment. Republish our articles for free, online or in print, under Creative Commons licence. The group was led by Charles Taze Russell , a religious seeker from a Presbyterian background. But his group endured and grew. Armageddon specifically refers to Mount Megiddo in Israel where some Christians believe the final conflict between good and evil will take place.

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