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Take Jeffrey Eugenides for example:. This guest post is by Ann Garvin. She earned her MS from Madison in exercise physiology, and a PhD in exercise and health psychology, hoping to understand how physical activity effects the brain. She has been teaching in the University of Wisconsin system since , and is now a full tenured professor.

The Hook Up

Pulled away. Distracted by Twitter, e-mail, Facebook. Every reader has it happen several times a day. Will your readers be any different? Steven Pressfield relies on this key lesson, which has helped him sell well over a million copies of his novels and non-fiction worldwide. I did it in my writing, but only on instinct; I had no idea what I was doing. Having that idea crystallized helped me tremendously. What event or moment gets this story rolling? We consistently underestimate knowledge and life experience of the audience , laying out our character and world with tedious details the filmgoer has already filled in with common sense.

In other words, we spend too much time on dull background, rather than jumping into an exciting opening. Even better, starting in the middle of things leaves story questions to be filled in later, while also leaving details to the imagination of your readers. Both of which engage readers and keep them reading to find out how all the pieces fit.

You want to hook readers into reading your entire post — not just the first few paragraphs. They certainly hooked me; did they do the same for you? So there it is in three steps. Figure out 1 a stirring possibly trouble-filled inciting incident to kick things off, 2 the vivid mental image you want your readers to leave with as they finish your post, and 3 what to leave out. Jeff Sexton is in charge of Optimization Management for BoostCTR, a partner in the Wizard of Ads consulting firm, a well-known online copywriter and optimization expert, as well as a faculty member at Wizard Academy, where he co-teaches Persuasive Online Copywriting.

You can find him online at www. Awesome article, Jeff! My fiction and my blogging have an entirely symbiotic relationship, one constantly feeding the other. Yours is an excellent reminder. I have a word post that I need to trim today. I know just where to start. Jeff, What are your thoughts on advising writers to start their inciting incident i. Great advice here Jeff! Regardless of the topic — you have to get back to your writing basics when it comes to hooking readers in.

Foreshadowing thinking English is one of the most valuable tools of the trade. Thanks for the wisdom! Even those last two sentences bear evidence of that ;. Changing the subject of the sentence often frees up room for the writer to play with and leverage better verbs. Jodi, the Macguffin is a device sometimes it has no real intrinsic value, like the Maltese Falcon that drives the plot along.

Awesome I think thats a lesson for being on the bestselling list. Vaulting to the middle of the mine field has its distinct advantages when writing anything. Thanks Jeff for always providing target oriented advice. Nice article, Jeff. You know, your text in Google reader headlines: Those damn wiley Copybloggers!!

Great post Jeff and congratulations on guest posting! Jeff is an awesome teacher and there is no better or cooler venue than the campus of the Wizard Academy in Austin. Quality counts. Thanks for your terrific suggestions! Solid tips for any writer, Jeff. If only more people would read your post and apply these tips and techniques. Congrats on the post. Their imaginations run wild with aliens and vampires, jellybeans and giraffes. And then they figure out how to connect that energy with what they really want to write about.

Great job, Jeff. Your post went hook,line and sinker a. Thank you for the link to those first liners. Thanks for a great post! Steven Pressfield is one of my favorite writers, both for impact and inspiration The War of Art and historical fiction Gates of Fire. I have recommended and given these two books more than any others -except for the Scriptures. I look forward to digging in and learning more from the blog of this writing master.

I love this post. Writing shorter posts that suck your reader right into the story surely is a great advice to follow. You had me hooked from the start, Jeff. Congrats on the guest spot. Love how you hooked along before finally revealing the inciting moment idea fully. Nicely done. I recall both that porn post and the most important lesson one as well. Thanks for stirring them off the bottom of my fish tank memory.

Great lessons for any writer and each example is a must read within itself. Thanks for the article. Great article Jeff. This post kicks it up a notch and exposed the art behind the science. The nuance behind the process which I often overlook when I write. Plus there is a bonus — take a look at Steven Pressfields blog — it knocked me completely on my rear end.

Thanks for the great insight, Jeff. Only the best teachers can break a complex subject like this down into understandable — and doable — pieces. You gave me my much-needed lesson for the day! Awhile ago I read here at Copyblogger the idea of dropping your first paragraph so the lead in to your post was more interesting. I gave it a try and it really did work. The blog post was far more compelling without that paragraph. I can now see it was probably because by dropping it, the inciting incident was brought out in the beginning and not lost amongst unnecessary detail.

It reminded me a lot of writing copy. Jeff, Great article. I would like to write a bit about it on The Wizard Times this week; and then give a link to this site and the article. We do that as well when planning our shows at the Kentucky Opry. I have learned a lot here. By your interview with one of the greatest author I have grasped the secret. Thank you for sharing it here. I always wanted to be a great writer and these are important lessons for me.

You need to keep them coming for the most uniqe content on the web from your personal prespective. Definitely something to aspire to with these ideas. Many thanks for sharing it and your tips with us: Some good meat here. I have to stop thinking that my words are golden as they first drop on the page. Jeff, You sure got me hooked with this wonderful post. Lean is definitely mean.

Leaving stuff out is so effective. And difficult! And no one but me will miss it. Its a great way to create business letters, too. Very good. Not a difficult read, but doing the exercise and applying their advice will keep you very busy indeed. Typically, I try to throw that first paragraph away and rewrite it completely, especially that first sentence. Being a blog writer, I should have some knowledge on hooking up my readers to my RSS feed. I will implement your ideas on that.

Thanks for sharing.

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Pulled away. Distracted by Twitter, e-mail, Facebook. Every reader has it happen several times a day.

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What a Bestselling Author Can Teach You About Hooking Your Readers

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving….

10 Ways To Hook Your Reader (and Reel Them in for Good)






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